Видео: How to get Protect off of Kenwood

How to fix a kenwood radio in protect mode ~ the easy way ~

today we fix the Kenwood model kdc-4047u USB model. the simple way to reset the unit without open radio. web site: https ...

How to get "Protect" off of your kenwood radio. It's works %100

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How to reset kenwood stereo protect off!!!

Here is a video on how to take off the PROTECT sing off. Enjoy!!

How to get PROTECT off of Kenwood - Easy Fix

The Kenwood radio is flashing "protect". Here's an easy fix.

Kenwood Protect Fix

if you get a Protect flashing on your Kenwood stereo, this is how you fix the problem.

Kenwood KDC-MP146 error code - Protect Code Displayed - please help fix this problem

Help identify what this problem is on my headunit Support the Channel: https://www.patreon.com/ThatCarChannel Please help ...

Kenwood Stereo Protect Send Service easy fix

How to fix Kenwood Stereo Protect Send Service.

cara mengatasi tape mobil KENWOOD yang PROTECT

Cara mengatasi tape mobil KENWOOD yang PROTECK.

Kenwood protect mode easy fix

Kenwood head units show "protect" when there's a problem with the speaker outputs. This might mean a shorted speaker wire, ...

Kenwood Stereo DC offset error protect quick repair

My Kenwood CD player with navigation dnx771hd DC offset error Protect Radio turns on and off but no sound and cant change ...

Kenwood protect block unlocking

Разблокировка кенвуд протект.

Mahindra Bolero Music System // Protect Lock 🔐 kya Hai

Hello friends Tip And Trick my channel Mere channel main aapka...

Memperbaiki DVD Mobil Kenwood KDV-U4349 Rusak Protect

Saya sering menerima servic-an DVD mobil kenwood dengan kerusakan protect, kerusakan protect ini disebabkan bisa dari ic ...

(Fixed) Kenwood protect mode

Unhook all your wires exempt the red, yellow and black. Take the face off and press reset, If it turns on with out protect mode hook ...

KENWOOD KDC W5041U A code off eeprom 24c04

download eeprom file 24c04 code off. go here repairalltv.com.

Protecting send service KenWood problem Sloved

KenWood Protecting please subs to my channel.

KENWOOD KDC-8021. RADIO CODE OFF. eeprom 24c01. eeprom read programmer CH341A

if you read eeprom like me in the video. I will send you eeprom file. free. for you here is the link to buy the programmer.

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