Видео: Oxelo Town 7 XL with Olympus TG Tracker #01

Micro Suspension versus Oxelo Town 7 XL kick scooter

A visual comparison between Micro Suspension Scooter Bronze and Oxelo Town 7 XL kick scooter (older model) from Decathlon. I ...

Test of: OXELO Town 7XL Adult Scooter - DECATHLON

This is our test of the Oxelo Town 7XL Scooter for adults by Decathlon. Check out our Facebook pages: Trekker Fox: ...

Oxelo Scooter Town 7 XL Unboxing

Decathlon have released the Oxelo Town 7 XL scooter. It is well build, smooth and looks classy.

Самокат OXELO Town 7XL

Вес 5,6кг Двойная амортизация Складная конструкция Оптимальный рост 145-190см Колеса 200мм, 60.0% полипропилен...

Kick Scooter | OXELO Town 7xL | For Adults & Kids | Operation Tutorial | Save Petrol ⛽

Hello guys! This is tutorial video on how to operate, use, fold and carry your Kick scooter - OXELO Town 7XL. I have been using ...

Is This The Best Alternative To The ONEWHEEL & BOOSTED BOARD!?

Deep down we all want a One-Wheel or a Boasted Board but maybe we can't afford it.. So I decided to take a look a the Oxelo ...

Yılbaşı Hediyesi Büyüklere Oyuncak Dechatlon'dan Oxelo Town 7 XL 2017 Kutu Açılışı ve İlk İzlenim

Kanalımıza Abone olmayı unutmayın... https://goo.gl/G9ZAVn Yılbaşı Hediyem Oxelo Town 7 XL Kutu açılışı ve İlk İzlenim.

Oxelo Town 7XL SUSP Adult Kick Scooter Quick Review

Walk through of the basic features of the scooter. Bought the units in Decathlon Singapore for SGD125.

A tour of Doncaster on my Oxelo Town 7 XL push scooter

A little Sunday morning thigh workout.

An old man riding a kick scooter - Oxelo Town 7 XL

Well, I'm not too old. But this needs to happen more often...

Decathlon oxelo 7xl scooter incelemesi

Decathlon oxelo 7xl scooter.

Brake System Oxelo Town 7XL

How to add a Brake System to an Oxelo Town 7XL.

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