Видео: Riso HC5500 120ppm ComColour Printer

RISO ComColor High speed printer 150 PPM

The best of digital inkjet Printer high speed 150 copy per minute and low cost . Suport for your school Pritning Needs.

RISO SE9380 digital duplicator at full speed (180ppm)

Our new RISO SE9380. Nice and very easy machine to use. Print quality is great (600dpi) and should make a fine addition to the ...


Continous running #10 envelopes at 85ppm on Riso 5500.

RISO SE9380 printing full speed

Short clip of RISO SE9380 printing full speed. Fantastic printer doing 190PPM :)

RISO ComColor GD Series <RISO>

RISO product overview video showing advanced features of the ComColor GD Series high-speed inkjet printer. For more ...

Printing technology of ComColor<RISO>

An inkjet printer capable of printing high-volume full-color documents at higher speeds and lower running costs, suitable for ...

RISO ComColor GD Instruction of Replacing the Ink Cartridge <RISO>

When ink runs out, the ink replacement message is displayed and printing stops. Replace the cartridge of the color shown.

Riso HC5500

Riso HC5500.

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सभी विडियो पुरीतरह से देखे क्यूँ कि इस विडियो बनाने के लिए बहुत समय और पैसा...

Riso hc5500

ماكينة ريزو موديل hc5500 ذات المواصفات والجودة العالية ... ابدا مشروعك طور شغلك وكبر مطبعتك وشغلك .. ...

RISO HC ComColor Printer Introduction

This 1-minute video provides an overview of the RISO HC5500 and shows it in action. 120 full color pages per minute!

riso comcolor ink hc5500,9050,7150,7050

compatible riso comcolor ink. original quality hc5500,7050,9050,7150,9150 etc....

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